Friday, 11 July 2008

SpiderWeb Marketing Takes a Step Above Magnetic Sponsoring


Stuart Harper back again, writing to you from beautiful Edinburgh, MidLothian, with some thoughts about a couple of great systems out there. I’ll cut to the chase. Magnetic Sponsoring is a good, well-established program. But the Spider Web Marketing System is better. Better as in, easier to set up, takes less time to maintain, and most importantly, makes more money.

There are so many different Internet systems out there that make all sorts of claims. Before getting into the SpiderWeb Marketing System, I also investigated Reverse Funnel, MLM Traffic Formula, Magnetic Sponsoring, Net MLM Profits.

I heard good things about Magnetic Sponsoring. Founded by Mike Dillard, it is a useful program, and you can really learn a great deal from it. Indeed, the SpiderWeb Marketing System is built around the same type of funded proposal system that Magnetic Sponsoring is built on.

But, there are some significant differences that are quite obvious. The first is cost. The main thing that Magnetic Sponsoring is selling is Mike Dillard’s business book, that goes into great detail and helps you understand the funded proposal system, and gives you guidance and a good starting point to begin to establish the system that will bring in profit.

Compare that with The SpiderWeb Marketing System, which offers a free system that will do just about everything for you and get you set up with ease, to make money almost immediately. While it doesn’t offer the in-depth text that Magnetic Sponsoring does, it actually gives you the vehicle to make money, and sets itself up for you, while also including 22 training videos (and counting).

The second difference to look at is the source of income. As is evident from their introductory video, the primary source of income in Magnetic Sponsoring is from the prospect of leads that it generates. Once you’ve studied the book and learned how to implement the things taught in it, you can create a system that will bring in people that you can develop good relationship with and eventually pitch your primary business too. The SpiderWeb Marketing System is designed to increase your income as soon as you get set up. You can begin making money in less than an hour.

Magnetic Sponsoring has one source of income. The SpiderWeb System has 22. Granted, that one primary source from Magnetic Sponsoring can be very substantial, but if its not successful, you could be left high and dry. Contrast that to the 22 sources of income offered by The SpiderWeb Marketing System. Some may fluctuate, but with 22 streams of income, you are sure to have a significant positive flow that is consistent.

I’m not going to tell you that Magnetic Sponsoring is a bad program, but I will tell you that the SpiderWeb Marketing System is an amazing program that offers so much more than any other system. I’ve already been in the program for a good time, and after being in this industry for 7 years, I can tell you a good program when I see one. Let me reiterate one important point: Its totally 100% free.

Take it from me - SpiderWeb Marketing is a safe venture, designed to incorporate the successes with many new innovative money-making strategies.

There are thousands who would agree.

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