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Bean-Selling Rico and The Spider Web Marketing System

Stuart Harper here with a great story for you. This is not the story of how Rico, who sold beans at a roadside stand in Barstow, CA, rode the MLM train to riches. But it is a good perspective at what Spider Web Marketing will do for you that no one else will.

Besides being the easiest, most effective, and most efficient way to build your business, Spider Web Marketing provides you with something that no other system does. Instant Results.
As an internet and network marketer, I’ve seen many different programs out there. If you get involved in the home business network and begin looking around the Internet for ways to develop your business, there’s a good chance you’ll be bombarded with a hundred different loud, multi-colored websites that scream at you that, “This system will make you a millionaire!” They are all the same. They will bash on whatever you are doing and tell you that you are doing it wrong. That’s where they pose the problem. Then, they suggest the idea of some magical solution “That I will now reveal to a select group of ferocious entrepreneurs!” Then, they give you anywhere from 6 to 43 jaw-dropping testimonials of so-and-so who used to sell beans at a roadside stand in Barstow, CA but now drives a Lamborghini, lives in a mansion in Laguna Beach, and has a trophy wife from an exotic country. Its all the same.
Then comes the punchline: “This can all be yours too!” “How!?” you exclaim, burning up the scroll button on the mouse to find out. “All you have to do is Buy my book!” Or, “Subscribe to my newsletter!” Or, “Buy my videos!” Or, well, you get the idea. No one offers instant success. Nobody does anything for you. They’ll send you a complicated manual for a complicated system and send you on your way. Yeah, you’ll get an email every day to remind you of yet another rags to riches story that is not about you, but that’s about the extent of it. Maybe you’ll pound your head against a wall for a while and go back to your day job, or maybe you’ll get lucky. It’s a toss up. And there you are.
Okay, so while the story of our bean-selling friend may be a little extreme, a lot of us can identify with him. We’re maybe doing something below our potential and making less money than we’d like, and would love an opportunity to reverse those aspects of our lives. And that’s where we end up hoping we can ride the gravy train with some Internet “guru” will put us chilling in the pool behind our 10,000 sq. ft. Mediterranean on the hill overlooking I-5 in Orange County.

I joined The SpiderWeb Marketing System because I was excited to never hunt leads again, I wanted to develop my downlines, I was excited to be able to generate 12+ streams of passive residual income, I was excited to have real, interested leads. Since joining, I feel confident that I will be successful because I researched thoroughly and know this is the best system, It has been wonderful so far, I am excited to gain solid leads, It is a brilliant business model that makes perfect sense.
The unique thing about The Spider Web Marketing System is that it does something for you. No one will ever try to sell you a book, a course, or a set of videos. (Actually, the video set is free.) The Spider Web Marketing System is designed to do the work for you, as soon as you become involved, and you make money as soon as you become involved. Instant results, with no more than five minutes a day, is a package that no one else can match. Spider Web Marketing is the most efficient and effective way to build your network business and put money in your pocket right away.

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Einstein’s Theories on The Spider Web Marketing System

Stuart Harper here again with a interesting post… at least I think so ;-)
Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I like to look at it as banging your head against a wall and expecting to make money for it. Doesn’t usually work too well. There is apparently quite the debate amongst bloggers as to whether this was originally said by Benjamin Franklin, or Einstein, or someone else. Either way, its true. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is just not very smart any way you slice it.

The same thing applies to any business. The businesses that break the mold and do something new succeed. Those that continue with the status quo eventually are shown the Chapter 11 door. Horse carriage makers used to think that the whole automobile fad was just a phase that would pass. In a more modern example, huge, established airline companies are struggling while new, smaller companies are succeeding by focusing on low fares and customer satisfaction.

I know that is true, because when I first started in MLM, I placed “Sizzle Cards” on gas station pumps and windshields, I passed out Flyers, I pitched my new life changing product to everyone I knew and everyone I ever met, I contacted old high school friends who I had not seen or talked to in years and told them I wanted to “re-connect” over lunch. It wasn’t quite as successful as I had hoped, to put it lightly.

The original businesses of network marketing began almost 100 years ago, with vitamin sales in the US. Since then, its has grown into an enormous and comprehensive industry with companies on all continents. (Yes, all continents. Somewhere, some scientist in Antarctica is pitching Xango or something like that to one of his coworkers. You know it) Obviously, the industry hasn’t always remained the same, and success has favored the new and innovative. You shouldn’t remain the same either.

MLM may have made you a millionaire. If so, stop reading and have a nice life. If not, you may be seeking a new way to break the mold of mediocrity and achieve that success that is captured by the few who possess the business courage and agility to do what it takes to get it.

Many people don’t achieve the financial success that originally lured them into network marketing. They say, Hmm, Ive been working really hard to sell product X, and its not working well. Ill just sell product Y in the exact same type of system using the exact same techniques, and hope it works out. Insanity. Inconceivable.

The key is to try a different approach. Thats why I joined The SpiderWeb Marketing System. There is a better way to increase your income than badgering everyone you come in contact with to buy your product or join your system. The Spider Web Marketing System offers a new and innovative approach that has brought success to thousands of clients. It leverages the power of the Internet by maximizing the effectiveness of major search engines to direct new, fresh leads to you in a more efficient manner than any other system can provide. Thats only a portion of what it can do for you. The point is this: The Spider Web Marketing uses a ground-breaking principle called the funded-proposal system to perpetuate itself and bring people to you. You become the sole recipient of leads who are actually looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity. Thats only one unique facet of the many things that The Spider Web Marketing System can do to develop home businesses.

I joined The SpiderWeb Marketing System because I was excited to have real, interested leads, I wanted to gain access to the 22+ step-by-step tutorial videos, I was sick of all the hype filled e-books and training courses, I was excited to never hunt leads again, I wanted to develop my downlines.

Throughout history, whether in war or exploration or business, success comes to those who pioneer a new approach, while those who don’t are left banging their heads against a wall. Insanity. There are so many restrictions to your potential for success in MLM, and The Spider Web Marketing System is the innovative strategy to go beyond those restrictions. The Spider Web Marketing System breaks the MLM mold to bring prosperity to those who are willing to take a little more than just what they can get.

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Spider Web Marketing Maximizes Tahitian Noni and Xango

I once knew a guy who did pretty well for himself through Tahitian Noni. But I know you’ve heard something like that before. Now, I’m always quite skeptical of all the amazing MLM testimonials about so and so who went from rags to riches and would like you to join his downline as soon as he returns from his month vacation in the Maldives. You should be skeptical too. But I actually was friends with this guy and saw it with my own eyes. No, there was not a 120 ft. yacht or private jet (although there was a nice ski boat), but he was doing pretty well.

A former Alaskan Hunting Guide, he became involved in the Tahitian Noni program, did quite well, and built a lovely home on the shore of the beautiful Canyon Ferry Lake near Helena, Montana. (As an avid hunter, I’ll toss in this personal aside: he also had twenty to thirty foot vaulted ceilings with some of the most impressive North American Big Game trophies I have ever seen adorning the walls. If Noni pays for that, sign me up.)

That said, you get the point. You can really, truly, honesty make some serious dollars in fruit-product MLMs such as Tahitian Noni or Xango. But are you? If you are, congratulations, I would recommend a ranch in Montana. But if you are not making the kind of money you’re dreaming of, lets talk about it. Why not?

You may be the king of Xango-Mango-Noniness or whatever you’re selling. There may be no one who loves it more, knows more about it, or sells it better than you. But you know what? My friend in Montana didn’t make it big on product sales alone. He made it because he had an extensive downline of active distributors. And the distributors in his downline had extensive downlines of their own. And they had downlines, and so on… you’ve seen the charts. It sounds so simple, but how do you get to the top level of a multi-level marketing system?

The answer is leads. Its that magical word you hear so much. You’ve been to training seminars on how to get them, bought eBooks or lecture series on them, or maybe even paid for a cold list. But if your experience is anything like 95% of all others in MLM, it may not be working too well.

You’re in a common spot. You’ve got a great product and all the enthusiasm in the world to make you wildly rich. You just need to find good solid leads to develop your downline. That’s where The Spider Web Marketing System comes in as a perfect complement to maximize your venture in Tahitian Noni, Xango, or any other entrepreneurial business.

The product is a streamlined Internet marketing program created to bring in interested, quality leads and revenue with no additional effort on your part. Its based on what is called a funded proposal system, which uses the original funds to continue to perpetuate the leads and income that it generates. With only a (very) small investment (anything less than $50), the funded proposal system continually generates interested leads and builds your network, building upon itself and continually growing larger.

The interested leads are not just people who have accidentally stumbled across your website, either. These are people that actually sought out a chance to specifically become involved in your entrepreneurial business venture. They need you, and you need them. The Spider Web Marketing System is just the vehicle to bring everyone together.

The Spider Web Marketing System will bring leads to you. It’s the perfect way to maximize your success in Noni, Xango, or any other business venture.

No matter what your business venture is, you need leads. You may have the best healthy, tasty, miracle beverage ever discovered since water, but you still need leads to help you build your network and bring in the serious money - the kind of money that builds huge trophy-filled lakeside homes.

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Five Characteristics of Success in MLM

Hey Stuart Harper here again. I’ve been in the network marketing industry for 7 years, and I have seen a lot. I’ve tried different business systems and approaches, and been met with different levels of success. But most importantly, throughout my life’s career journey, I’ve had the chance to meet and be taught by some amazing people. People who know this industry. Good, honest people, who have worked hard to get to the top. People who have made money. A lot of money. Millions. And millions.

I learned a great deal from these leaders, not just from the things that they taught me, but from my own observations of them. I noticed that all of them had similar characteristics that helped them achieve the kind of success that so many of us dream about.

1. They used their own products or services and could explain
why you should use them. (They were a product of the product.)

2. They had a reason for doing the business and a business plan.

3. They let the tools do the selling.

4. They were always learning more about the business.

5. They stayed in the game long enough to have a chance to

By holding strong to these principles, these people made millions. Sound like you have those qualities? I’ll tell you something: you don’t have to be born with them. Some of them are developed by smart business practices and patience, and anyone of us can develop those characteristics. And those of us who do are well on their way to achieving their dreams. My goal in business in life is to Become a Millionaire, Share my knowledge with others, Be a leader in my business, Obtain economic independence, Gain time freedom. I know that I can achieve that through The SpiderWeb Marketing System because It is a brilliant business model that makes perfect sense, I researched thoroughly and know this is the best system, It has been wonderful so far, I am excited to gain solid leads.

In my next blog entry, I’ll tell you about how The SpiderWeb Marketing System will help you achieve each of those integral characteristics. It will be good. It will be real. And it will help you understand how you can make money in The SpiderWeb Marketing System.

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Five Characteristics of Success in MLM, Part Deux

Member: Stuart Harper
Years in Industry: 7
Location: Edinburgh, MidLothian

I’m excited for this blog entry, and I hope you are too. In the last entry, I talked about five characteristics I’ve seen in my experience that have led people to real success in the network marketing industry. In my opinion, you cannot be successful without them. With them, however, you are in a strong position to achieve your aspirations in this industry.

I want to explain to you how The SpiderWeb Marketing System holds to these characteristics and will help you develop them yourself.

1. They used their own products or services and could explain why you should use them.

This is an easy one. Its easy to sell a product when you use it yourself. A personal guarantee based on experience is a powerful tool. As you use The SpiderWeb Marketing System, you’ll see the success, and as you tell others about it, they’ll see your success and want to be a part of it as well.

2. They had a reason for doing the business and a business plan.

There are more reasons to do business other than just to make money, right now. While SpiderWeb will make money for you right now, it can also be viewed as an investment, with immediate, and long-term returns. The business network that you build with people with similar goals in mind will benefit you for many years.

3. They let the tools do the selling.

Let us do the work. This system has been created to sell itself for you. The tools are in place to advertise, market, and sell this system, all with no extra effort on your part. Some things really are simple.

4. They were always learning more about the business.

I think this holds true in all aspects of life. Those who stay on top of things, always ready to adapt to the different challenges and changes that come their way, are the ones who make it. At SpiderWeb Marketing, we are daily seeking ways to improve. In fact, we never stop getting better. We’ve got the best product on the market, and we’ll always strive to make it even better.

5. They stayed in the game long enough to have a chance to succeed.

Patience is a virtue in any business. Think of the exponential growth model, which is shaped like a J. It starts out slow, when patience is required, then all of a sudden, boom! Exponential growth. That’s how a network operates. From personal experience, I can tell you that the longer you are involved, the broader and more expansive your network will become, until soon you have cash coming in from the farthest reaches of the universe.

I%u2019m convinced that there are keys to success in life. Five of those keys are listed above. For some, they come naturally. For others, they have to be developed. Either way, they work. They just need a vehicle to turn attributes into assets. The SpiderWeb Marketing System is the way to develop those critical attributes and find the success that you work so hard for.

Perhaps you joined MLM for some of the same reasons that I did. I had a desire to be my own boss, I have a knack for networking, I wanted to supplant my primary income, I was interested in entrepreneurship. Perhaps you tried to do some of the same things that I did. I pitched my new life changing product to everyone I knew and everyone I ever met, I placed “Sizzle Cards” on gas station pumps and windshields, I passed out Flyers, I contacted old high school friends who I had not seen or talked to in years and told them I wanted to “re-connect” over lunch. Either way, however, the point is that I know that through The SpiderWeb Marketing System I can accomplish my goal to Spend my time with my family, Quit my J.O.B. and be FREE, Retire early, Gain time freedom, Become a Millionaire.

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Finally, A True Funded Proposal

Finally, a TRUE Funded Proposal Prospecting System

Years in Industry:

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. my name is Stuart Harper and I am from Edinburgh, MidLothian. I have been in the industry for 7. I want to take this entry to explain something very important: the funded proposal system. This is an integral building block of The SpiderWeb Marketing System, yet few people truly understand it. For my entry, I want to take an explanation written by the founder and inventor of The SpiderWeb Marketing System, and insert it into my blog. Hopefully it will bring you increased understanding, as it has to me. It’s a little long, but stick with it, as it will explain things very well.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System is a Revolutionary new Funded Proposal MLM Prospecting system which was developed by Kimball Roundy. It is designed to help Network Marketers in their business building efforts. The System Maximizes the power and reach of the Internet to bring targeted Network Marketing Prospects right to your door who are eager to get signed up with you, and instead of paying to generate or buy these leads, they end up PAYING YOU to become leads. In essence, instead of chasing people for your business, they start chasing and paying you to be considered as a prospect to join you. It is a pretty sweet concept and it works like a charm! IF you have the time to learn it and implement the system. What do you mean by “a Funded Proposal Prospecting System?” The basic (very simplified) idea behind a “Funded Proposal” prospecting system is this:

You use a website or system (as an “affiliate” usually with a specific affiliate referral tracking link) that is set up to generate MLM Targeted Leads by advertising “help” and or “training” that will help the person seeking the help (the LEAD) with generating leads for their primary business.

For example, you find someone searching Google or Yahoo who is looking for “MLM Leads” or “Network Marketing Leads” and show an ad to them that says essentially:

“Quit Wasting Your Time and Money on MLM Leads! Let Me Show you how to Generate your own, and get Paid by Each one of Them Whether or not They Join Your Business!”

If you were spending hundreds of dollars and hours and hours (maybe you are, if so, pay attention) buying and then contacting hundreds of leads, wouldn’t the above idea appeal to you?

So, with this system you are advertising help or training, and in exchange for a free newsletter or basic e-book they give you their contact information (LEAD). This newsletter will usually tell them “WHAT” to do but not show them “HOW” to do it. Then, through reading the free newsletters or e-books or watching the free videos etc they are introduced to some product that they can buy (usually the Full details and step by step training on HOW to do what they just told you to do) and if the person who signed up for the info decides to purchase the product then you as the affiliate who referred them will make a commission. So, essentially what will happen is you, will be looking for a way to grow your business, you will find one of these sites and sign up for the free info (You are someone else’s lead) then you decide you want to get the whole story, buy the product (book, e-book etc.) and the person who referred you makes $20 or $50 or whatever the commission amount for the book sale is.

So, that is how a Funded Proposal is designed to work.

You sign up
Then you Set up the system by following the videos

The system manages all your Marketing for you
You get leads

You generate up to 12 streams of Passive Residual Income before/without ever talking to a single prospect or spending a DIME

You contact and build a relationship with your new, unique to you, real-time Network Marketing Targeted leads
Your business grows bigger, faster than with any other system, period.
Oh, and it is 100% FREE!

With the innovative 12 streams of income that they will generate for you before any product, service book or company is sold, it is THE FIRST TRUE “FUNDED PROPOSAL” where you get paid for your marketing before the lead has ever been contacted by anyone or sold anything!

I know, I have not explained that part, you are just going to have to head over and check it out to find out exactly how it works. Check it all out at

MLM BBQ Nightmare!

Hey There, Stuart Harper from Edinburgh, MidLothianagain! Thanks for visiting my blog! Today I want to share with you a compelling story from Kimball Roundy, founder and inventor of The SpiderWeb Marketing System. It pretty much describes a lot of his struggles, and how he overcame them and established this awesome system. Personally, I can totally identify with the things he went through, which is part of the reason I feel so confident with his system. Here it goes, in his words.

The Depressed but Blessed Monday

I will never forget the day I first stumbled across the concepts that started me down the path of research and development of the Spider Web Marketing System. It was early on a long depressing Monday morning that my life was changed forever. This Monday was depressing not only because I found myself back at my dead-end job yet again, but far worse because I had spent the previous three weeks preparing for the recruiting-event-to-end-all-recruiting-events. It was to be the most successful “meeting” that anyone had ever seen.

The Master Plan

I was certain that after this huge “opportunity” BBQ, everyone in my company was going to be coming to me to figure out what I had done to recruit so many people. I had my small downline buzzing with excitement about how we were all going to be able to kick back and watch the cash roll in after this event. Previous small casual BBQ’s at my home had been somewhat effective and encouraging, so I was sure that this large gathering was going to be just that much more effective.

I spent well over $1,000 getting ready for the BBQ. I purchased enough hamburgers and hot dogs to feed a small army, as well as volleyball equipment, horseshoes, and badminton sets. I rented the largest park in town, a grill the size of my truck and everything else I could think of to make this an enjoyable and successful “meeting”.

Then, with a bit of help from some of my top guys, I passed out between ten and fifteen thousand flyers. We talked to everyone we knew and everyone we met as we were preparing for the event. I literally only slept an hour or two each night for the entire week leading up to the BBQ.

Finally, the day arrived. There was a buzz of excitement running through my whole organization. Unfortunately, it would soon be smothered, along with the hearts of everyone who had worked so hard to help put this event together. So, out of the 20,000 people who had heard about the BBQ or got a flyer, the grand total that showed up was…76. Not quite the 5,000 I was hoping for or even the 500 I was willing to settle for–76.

To add salt to an already painful wound, out of those 76 I was able to pitch my opportunity to, there was a total signup of -24.

“How is that possible?” you ask.

Well, I had worked and overworked my entire team and placed way too much emphasis on how well things were going to work out and how easy it was going to be once we were done recruiting the masses that were inevitably going to show up. So, in the face of this massive failure, I lost any and all confidence that my team had in me as a leader. Within a few days, despite my best effort to retain them, I had lost them all.

So there I found myself — broke, broken, depressed, forced to go back to a job which I had hoped never to return to and searching for any reason I could find to keep myself from giving up on my MLM dream.

Then I found it - the key, the concept, and the strategy with which to make it a reality (which had been hidden right under my nose for five years) that unlocked my mind from the chains that this industry had placed on me. This is the concept that would open my eyes to a new way of looking at this business and a way of seeing things that I had never before been shown.

That is his great story. I’ll explain more about the secret that he mentions. Actually, the secret is in the huge system that I write about, and every entry explains more of this complex and comprehensive system.

I totally know what he went through, because I went through it too. When I first joined MLM, I struggled because My Friends and Family were not interested, I have not had enough training, My recruits kept quitting. It was tough, but I did my best to be successful. I placed “Sizzle Cards” on gas station pumps and windshields, I pitched my new life changing product to everyone I knew and everyone I ever met, I contacted old high school friends who I had not seen or talked to in years and told them I wanted to “re-connect” over lunch.
Eventually I realized that I needed more help because I felt ambitious, I was desperate for a way to grow my business, Quite simply, I wanted more income.

However, using The SpiderWeb Marketing System, I have maximized my business potential and brought real leads, business, and money to me.

Now it will do all the hard work for you… Guaranteed!

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