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Leads and The Spider Web Marketing Lead Machine

Leads and The Spider Web Marketing Lead Machine

Member: Stuart Harper
Years in Industry: 7
Location: Edinburgh, MidLothian

In any business, the money has to come from somewhere. Whether it’s from sales revenue or service charges or other transactions, the bitter business truth is that every dime in your pocket used to be in someone else’s. It’s not a bad thing. Just because you have money that used to be in someone else’s possession doesn’t mean that the former owner is now busting out the food stamps. Through however many transactions between however many parties, you received money, and they received either goods or services. And that’s how an economy works.

On a less Macro scale, in the world of network and multi-level marketing this principle remains especially true and obvious. At the very core of your business, you make money through the sale of goods or services to someone. You yourself may never sell a thing and be living in a huge mansion, but odds are you’re benefiting from the sale of something to someone. This system of making sales work for you is part of the appeal of MLM. Downlines. You benefit from the work of others. The more people you have in your downlines, the more profit you are making. Downlines make sales. You make money. End of story. But what’s the name of the game?

Leads. The hottest commodity of MLM. If you’ve got ‘em, you’ve got it. If not, you’re going to be working really, really hard to pay for that huge mansion on door-to-door sales and Tupperware parties. If you can get downlines, you can get money. In order to have downlines, you need leads. In short, leads equal money.

And that’s the MLM secret, which you already know, of course. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you can’t make a fortune by yourself in this business. But just because you know that you need leads doesn’t mean you can find them. And that’s where so many MLM ventures fail. It is a commonly reported statistic that well over 90% of those involved in MLM never make a profit. But you can bet that a healthy supply of leads will keep in you in the successful ten percent.

There’s a couple different ways to go about it. You can do what most MLMers do (and fail): make a list of your friends and family (sound familiar?), pass out ‘business op’ fliers, spend lots of money and have social functions, beg, plead, scream, pass out, wake up, continue. Eventually, the strenuous effort takes its toll on your health and you leave the industry to do something a little more docile and less stressful on your health, like substitute teaching in an alternative high school.

Personally, I I contacted old high school friends who I had not seen or talked to in years and told them I wanted to “re-connect” over lunch, I passed out Flyers, I placed “Sizzle Cards” on gas station pumps and windshields, I pitched my new life changing product to everyone I knew and everyone I ever met, with limited success.

There is a better way. A way to channel leads to your business who come looking for it. The Spider Web Marketing System is a system designed to do one thing: generate leads. And it does so with the greatest effectiveness and efficiency in the industry. It’s based on what is called the funded proposal system, a system that utilizes highly developed Internet marketing strategies to bring interested, real leads. The best part of funded proposal, and the great appeal of The Spider Web Marketing System, is that it perpetuates itself, so that it keeps itself going and continues to generate income for you, while continually sending quality leads your way.

There are other ways to get leads. You can put down some serious cash for “lead lists” who will give you pages and pages of innocent people who have been called a hundred times, and you can work off of that. But with Spider Web Marketing, these are leads that come to you. They are “fresh leads,” meaning that they have not been called before or come from any list. These are people, who using the Internet, seek out a business opportunity and come straight to you.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System has been great for me because I researched thoroughly and know this is the best system, It is a brilliant business model that makes perfect sense, I am excited to gain solid leads. Its helped me get more leads, grow my business, and make more money, and helped me on my goal to Work less hours, Share my knowledge with others, Retire early, Share my success with others.

Basically, The Spider Web Marketing System is a lead generating machine. And in a business where leads are the name of the game, that’s a piece of equipment you can’t afford to be without.

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